About Us

About Us

The Bexar County Highlands Ranch Home Owners Association, Inc. (Highlands Ranch HOA or HOA) in Bexar County, Texas is a non-profit organization responsible for owning and maintaining the roads, gate, other equipment and common areas within the HOA, administering and enforcing the covenants and restrictions, and collecting and managing funds from assessments. The funds are used for operation and maintenance of the the roads, gate, other equipment and common areas. The funds are also used for such things as insurance and management company fees.

The HOA Board of Directors and its committees consist of volunteers who commit their time to make decisions on behalf of the entire HOA membership and enhance and protect the attractiveness and desirability of the community.  The Board serves as the elected governing body for the HOA and fulfills duties normally granted to such bodies in accordance with the Bylaws and the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCR).

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) reviews and decides whether to approve applications for secondary improvement submitted by HOA members.  Its job is to help ensure that members are complying with the architectural integrity of their properties in accordance with the DCCR.

The Roads and Safety Committee is responsible for maintaining our roads and public safety.  It makes recommendations to the Board on needed improvements, repairs and safety issues.

The Beautification Committee helps maintain and beautify our common areas, including landscaping and irrigation.

The Social Committee plans parties and other social events for the community.

The Newsletter Committee sends out newsletters with informative items.

The Welcoming Committee welcomes new neighbors by meeting with them and delivering a Welcoming Kit.

The Website Committee manages our website by providing information to our third-part web master.

The Finance Committee prepares the annual budget, prepares the annual reserve fund (used to accumulate funds to maintain our roads and equipment) analysis, reviews the monthly financial reports, invests accumulated funds, and helps the Board determined the amount of assessments.

All of us in Highlands Ranch are fortunate to live in the Texas Hill Country with neighbors who share an interest in protecting the value and natural beauty of our community.  We encourage our members to be active participants by volunteering to serve on the Board or one of our committees.

Board Members

Jo Ann Browne: President

Michael Prado: Assistant President

Cynthia Shafer: Secretary

Adam Pope: Treasurer & Chair of Finance Committee

David Thackrey: Chair of Roads & Safety Committee

Mary Teders: Chair of Social Committee

Note: Use the form below to contact the Board. Telephone numbers can be found at Directory Documents under the Members page.

Other Committee Chairs & Non-Board Officers


Social Groups

Neighborhood volunteers are organizing small groups to get together for informal gatherings. If you want to participate, please contact the person listed below. If you have other interests and would like to help organize a group, please send email to admin@highlandsranchhoatexas.com.


HOA Management Company

Diamond Association Management & Consulting
14603 Huebner Rd., Building 40
San Antonio, TX 78230
Manager: Eva Hecox – eva@damctx.com
Fax: 210-690-1125

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